The 8th (IRE)

Composer (2021)

This Hot Docs award winning feature Documentary traces Ireland’s campaign to remove the 8th Amendment – a constitutional ban on abortion. Soundtrack coming soon.

The Vanishing Triangle (UK)

Composer (2021)

An audible original Podcast, written and narrated by acclaimed crime fiction writer Claire McGowan, discusses the 8 women who went missing from an area around Dublin that became known as the ‘Vanishing Triangle.’

Aerial Greece (IRE/USA)

Composer (2021)

2x 51 minute episodes (episodes 1 and 4) produced by Tile Films for Smithsonian Channel.

Violet Gibson (IRE)

Composer (2020)

Award-winning feature-length documentary directed by Barrie Dowdall, co-directed by Kevin de la Isla O’Neill with Olwen Fouéré, chronicles Violet Gibson’s life and her attempt to assassinate Mussolini.

The Seeker (USA)

Composer (2020)

Award-winning, Tribeca selected documentary about an excommunicated Amish woodworker struggling with spirituality, poverty, and life as an outcast from his strict, insular community.

DNA Caillte (IRE)

Composer (2020)

3 x 51 min documentary series produced by Tile Films for TG4 which explores new DNA research being conducted on ancient and medieval Irish artefacts.

Tina Times Two (IRE)

Composer (2020)

This surreal coming of age fable produced by Dyehouse Films won best Children’s Programme prize at the 2021 RTS Ireland Television Awards

Death of A Ladies Man (IRE/Canada)

Additional Music, Performing and Arrangements (2020)

Canadian-Irish produced comedy drama directed by Matt Bissonnette, starring Gabriel Byrne and Jessica Paré and featuring the songs of Leonard Cohen.

Men in Black International (USA)

Musician (2019)


Composer (2018)

Quirky, children’s fantasy short film. Score recorded by the RTE Concert Orchestra (as part of the IMRO and RTE’s scoring for film programme) in association with Screen Skills Ireland and CMC.


Composer (2019)

Executive produced by Academy awarded nominated Vera Farmiga and producer Renn Hawk, Unspoken tells the story of the inspiring 14-year-old autism spectrum ambassador, Emma, who brings her brilliance and emotional intelligence to audiences via typed messages, vibrantly sharing with those eager to learn how to connect.

Lucky Fred 2

Additional music (2018)

51 x 11 minute animation series produced by Imira Entertainment / Telegael / Toonz Entertainment / Televisió de Catalunya / Aeon Entertainment.

Girl at the End of the Garden (IRE)

Composer (2019)

(RTE/EBU) Award-winning, heart-warming, fantastical comedy produced by Dyehouse Films.

Allahu Akbar (USA)

Additional Music (2019)

Aerial Britain

Composer (2018)

4- part series which journeys to four regions of Britain, discovering the historical significance of the island from breath-taking heights. (Sarah scored episodes “Southern England” and “The North”)

Ronnachai Bui (IRE)

Composer (2018)

All in Good Time (IRE)

Composer (2018)

Award winning comic fantasy about two children, one in 1917, the other in 2017, who magically communicate across time through messages in a bottle and help solve each other’s problems.

The Apparel (IRE)

Composer (2019)

Joseph is a forty-something whose life seems to be unraveling just a little. Moved into emergency accommodation with an unkempt twenty-something, he clings to the last vestiges of the life he knew before – his job as curator of an art gallery.